Monday, June 29, 2009

Preparation frenzy - part 3 are in bed (and some are even asleep), suitcases are being packed (almost done), driver is going to bed, navigator/in-car attendant working on last few things. Everyone is really excited and looking forward to the trip. We'll see if they are as excited after 10 hours of driving (probably 11 hours in the van) tomorrow.

No pictures or funny stories yet (other than the kids singing along to and creating syncronized hand motions to "Holiday Road" while driving to and from dinner).

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  1. ~Father GOD~ We lift the Kroll family to you and pray for them as the prepare, depart and head out on their family vacation. We pray this is a blessed, fun, memorable, and yes, even educational time for them. We so very much love them and ask that Your hand be upon them as they travel for safety and for no problems to occur so that they might have the most enjoyable and wonderful time of it with each other and with other family. We pray all this and more..., in Your name Jesus, Amen~

    P.S. Saw you included "Mood River" in your songs ;)