Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1

New Orleans to San Antonio

Today we left our hotel in New Orleans at 7:30 am. The Quality Inn wasn't bad (pro: cheap price and hot breakfast - for 7; con: three roaches in room (alive) and three in lobby (dead)). We drove about 560 miles to get to San Antonio. With visiting the French Quater last night instead of this morning, as we had planned, so we got on the road an hour earlier than planned. Today's trip wasn't nearly as exhausting, I even got some sleep!

Our Bible Hour this morning was Matthew 8-14. Our in-car movies were Bruce Almighty (edited from TV), the Fellowship of the Ring, and the Ant and the Aardvark (from the Pink Panther cartoons). We got into San Antonio just before dinner time so we decided to go downtown and take a stroll along the Riverwalk. While it was warm (Florida, at least St. Pete, is never as warm as Texas!), we enjoyed the walk and the beauty of the River Walk.

We even splurged (that's right for those of you who know I'm cheap - although we had a free breakfast at the hotel and had a picnic lunch from groceries we brought on the trip) by having dinner at Casa Rio right on the Riverwalk. We all ate very good and enjoyed it greatly! The kids even got to feed some of the "extra" chip crumbs to the pigeons and ducks the frequent the area where we sat - directly under Commerce street.

We then returned to our hotel for some swimming, showering, pajama wearing and hopefully sometime soon some sleeping. In the morning, we are heading to the Alamo and then out on the road to go to New Mexico.

Thanks for praying - no problems with van, no money surprises, only a few small accidents and construction zones to slow our journey down, very little "discussions" with the kids. All in all a great trip so far!


  1. How fun! Love seeing the pics of the family in your travels. Looks as though you're all enjoying your family vacation. Are you sure you're not asleep in the first picture of you driving?! =)

  2. I am enjoying the posts...all I have to say is your crazy!!!! I would never do this road trip with two kids! Seriously I think you and Lisa are great examples, but I still would never do it. LOL
    I look very forward to reading your travel blog:)
    I will be praying for you all. You are all loved and we are so blessed to have you as a pastor.