Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18

Hope, AR to Daphne, AL

Today will be a boring day to read about. We didn't visit any place except the highway. We drove 537 miles today and was on the road for about 9 hours (including stops). For the trip we are at about 7,350 miles. Our Bible hour today was Romans 7-15 and we watched Tim Hawkins, Lost in Space, Father of the Bride 2, and the Muppets Show. Our funny incident of the day was Jordan's mustard packet kind-of exploding at lunch and spraying Jariah across the table - a very funny accident! We have visited 18 states on our trip and tomorrow we are back in the state of Florida - right now the best state in the mind of our driver!

I am planning on doing a final day blog and then a final blog for the trip. Thanks for remembering us and praying for us! I got a copy of our family photo from my dad - he's still home and doing better!

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