Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7

Alamosa, CO to Colorado Springs, CO

This morning was our "special" day. We only drove 198 miles today - our Bible Hour was from Luke 13-21, our movies were the Muppet Show. We left our Motel 8 (not good but no bad) about 7:30am and got on the rode for Canon City, CO. Just outside of Canon City is a place called Royal Gorge which has the world's highest suspension bridge.

The bridge is 1,053 feet high over the Arkansas River. It was constructed in 1929 and made largely of wooden planks and steel cables. It crosses a span of 880 feet. It connects several shops, rides and attractions on both sides of the gorge. Besides the bridge we took the aerial tram across the gorge. The tram is the world's largest single-span aerial tram. We took the tram over and then visited their animal zoo (elk and bison including a white bull bison), petting zoo, rides, shops and shows, and then walked on the bridge back to the other side.

We rode their train to the bottom of the gorge. The train is the world's steepest incline railway - a 100% grade (45 degrees). We rode the train down to the Arkansas river. One of the neat things at the bottom is the remains of the old 30" wooden pipe that used to supply water to Canon City from the river. The train only goes 3 MPH and takes 5.5 minutes from top to bottom (or bottom to top), Everything went well until the brakes failed and Jariah panicked - just kidding, it was fine.

One last special treat was that Lisa, Makaylah and I took a ride on the Skycoaster. A Super Swing like the one in Old Town (Orlando). The one in Orlando is 300 feet high and this one is only 100 feet high BUT it is on the edge of the gorge so when they let you go you swing out over the gorge and are 1,300 feet above the river below. What a rush - we have a video of the flight!


  1. Wow Tim! I'm enjoying reading all your vacation blogs. What a cool vacation. I've been all over the States, but I'm enjoying reading about some places I've never been to, like this one today! Very exciting! Keep the blogs coming our way!

  2. You are crazy, oh did I already say that in a previous comment??? Skycoaster??? I am ready to see the video clip. If you upload it to Utube you should be able to paste the html code into your blog:0