Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12

Oacoma, SD to Ashland, NE

We started the day with an attempt to repatch our leaking gas line one last time so we could fill up and make it to Nebraska. It didn't really work well but we got filled up and on our way just before the rain started. Our first stop was only about 4 miles down the road - a Lewis and Clark exhibit at the rest area along I-90. They had some great information and displays including a replica of the keelboat that they used. It was impressive and enjoyable for the kids.

Getting back on the interstate, we headed about an hour east to Mitchell, SD. Along the way we had our morning Bible hour - Acts 9-17. We arrived in Mitchell and went to the Corn Palace. It's a large building, whose chief purpose now seems to be to sell souvenirs, that is decorated with corn husks throughout the season in a variety of pictures. The kids enjoyed it, but then again they had not met a souvenir shop they didn't like.

With concerns for our gas situation, we decided to go from there to Grandma and Grandpa's instead of taking the diversion into Minnesota. So, after driving 353 miles for the day, and driving through South Dakota, Iowa and into Nebraska, and passing the 6000 miles mark for the trip (about 3 miles from Grandma and Grandpa's) we arrived at their house in Nebraska.

So, now we have a couple of days with family in Nebraska before we head out again. We are grateful for the time with family and the time to rest. It's been a good trip but I think everyone is looking to some more sleep and relaxing time. Also, I take the van into the shop tomorrow morning to have the gas line fixed and a once over to make sure we are ready for the trip home.

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  1. You all look great - we miss you! Randy was listening to the radio the other day and at the end of the program it said "this has been a message by Dr. Woodrow Kroll" - he was excited - had never heard him before and really enjoyed it! Your vacation looks like it is going great! Stay safe and we are praying for you. ~ the McKinley's :)